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Men who combine good nutrition with physical activity, lead to a healthier life. One of the most important aspects of your lifestyle is what you put on your plate.  Good nutrition is critical for good health.  Eating well not only gives your body the nutriens it needs. It also helps keep weight under control.

Being overweight can increase your chances of developing certain chronic conditions, including: Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Colon, kidney, liver, and gall bladder cancers.

Five nutrients every man needs to stay healthy.

Calcium - Guys can get osteoporosis too.  Men need 1000 mg a day.  Calcium is not only responsible for strong bones and teeth, but for regulating your hearbeat and muscle function.

Lean Protein - Protein is not only necessary for muscle regeneration, but it also will help keep you feeling fuller longer. Choose healthy protein options like lean chicken, turkey or fish, and meatless options like black beans, chickpeas or eggs.  Men need 56 grams a day.

Potassium - Guys usually overload on sodium and short on the Potassium. Potassium helps to lower blood pressure.  Men need 4,700 mg a day which you can easily get from avocados, potatoes, dark leafy greens, squash, bananas, and tomatoes.

Magnesium - Magnesium is used in over 300 chemical reactions in our body, including helping us relax, energy production, and helping our heart and blood vessels stay healthy.  Men need 420 mg a day, which can be found in spinach, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, and fish.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids - Omega 3 fatty acids not only translate into a healthy heart and brain, they are also anti inflammatory and can possitively affect mood.  For men Omega 3's are used by the body in the production of nitric oxide. (The rise in your Levis). ;) Best source is in fatty fish like salmon and trout. Other sources are grass fed beef and butter, omega-3 eggs, walnuts, flax seeds, and chia seeds.

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